Vobster Quay is a popular inland dive site located in the heart of the Somerset countryside, approximately 5 miles from Frome and 4 miles from Radstock. Before us divers came along it was previously a quarry. The clean cut stone makes for great vis for more-or-less the whole day as there is very little silt to stir up. We like to come to here to do the later Ocean Diver qualification dive as we need the adequate depth which Vobster supplies plenty of (the deepest point is over 40 meters deep, yikes!). It's also good for a couple of leisurely refresher dives after a long period out of the water since we can more-or-less guarantee that the diving conditions will be great. No problems with vis here.

Because it's quite far from our club (about a 2 hour drive) we often go to Vobster for weekend trips and fit in as many dives as we can manage. There's plenty of accommodation in the surrounding area, like Travelodges and B&Bs, but we're quite fond of camping. The lot of us all in one camp site makes for a great social experience to bond as a club. Parents are welcome to come along too and get too see what their kids are up to. Some even become divers themselves (here's looking at you Mark).

The site facilities including:

  • Parking (of which there is plenty)
  • Changing Facilities (heated and have showers too!)
  • Food Catering (wide variety, all of it tasty)
  • Cylinder Fills (regular air mix, nitrox ans trimix)
  • Sheltered Areas (for that predictable British weather)
  • FREE WiFi (for you tech junkies that can keep off your phones)
  • Equipment Hire (for the forgetful... like myself)
  • Equipment Servicing & Repairs
  • Fully-stocked Dive Shop (comprehensive assortment of gear/parts for purchase/repair)

Vobster sports a staggering array of underwater attractions too, at a variety of depths. There's the long tunnel... remember to bring your torch as it starts from a modest 14m at the entrace and then descends down to 22m (not suitable for the claustrophobic). The Jacquin II, an awesome 15m long wooden cabin cruiser (great for a crash course in wreck diving). And my personal favourite, the aircraft wreck. A Hawker Siddley HS-748 split into 3 sections (the nose, fuselage and tail) all laid out in a line. There's also a surplus of training platforms for practicing skills.

Check out more at their site: http://www.vobster.com/


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